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Make 1 icon to open multiple programs

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How do I get Steam and Xfire to open up with one icon ?

C:\\Program Files\\Valve\\Steam

C:\\Program Files\\Xfire
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a batch file will work. just use notepad, then rename it to a .bat file.
I opened up notepad and typed in

C:\\Program Files\\Valve\\Steam

C:\\Program Files\\Xfire

and then saved it as Cs.bat
then I clicked on it and it doesnt do anything except quickly flash the command prompt up.
You need to find the .exe files and make the shortcuts go exactly to them.. ex: C:\\Program Files\\Xfire\\Xfire.exe
I believe you want something like this:


Originally Posted by gonX View Post
Eh, you can do a .bat file. Just use "call <file>"

IE. If we want to start our pr0n DL'er and our pr0n viewer, then we would do this:


@echo off
call "C:\\STOELDMEGAHURTZ\\SECRET\\PASSWORD\\pr0nDL\\uTorrent.exe"
echo Launched prog. 1
call "C:\\pr0n\\MOAR\\winamp.exe"
echo Launched prog. 2
Sorry for the filenames, but I'm really bored.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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