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Making an AMD/ATI build, what are some programs that are a necessity?

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Programs for checking CPU temps, GPU temps, adjusting the GPU's fan speed, adjusting the speed of the fans in my case and my aftermarket heatsink, looking at my RAM timings to make sure they're okay, etc.

I've never had a good gaming PC, so I've never had to look into things like that. If you guys and gals have any suggestions to get me started, I'd be grateful.

My NZXT Lexa-s case is going to have 4 fans, 3 120mm and 1 140mm. CPU = Phenom II X4 955 BE, GPU = XFX 4890 1GB, RAM = 2x2GB Corsair PC6400, if any of that info is useful in determining what programs would be useful to me.
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I have no help to give i just wanted to say how much i love the user name!
Get Core Temp for CPU Temps, Riva Tuner for GPU Temps and fan speed and Speed Fan to adjust fan speeds. CPU-Z for memory timings.

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Get Core Temp for CPU Temps, Riva Tuner for GPU Temps and fan speed and Speed Fan to adjust fan speeds. CPU-Z for memory timings.


Also click HERE to fill in your computer specs so we can easily help you in the future.
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CPUID hardware monitor for temps
AMD overdrive for memory timing/overclocking
Haha thanks for liking the username, and I'll grab those programs. I feel as if I fill in the PC specs, I'll jynx myself and something won't work when I get the computer. It's just me, but meh, it seems like my luck.

Can Speed Fan adjust the fan on my GPU? I've had it in the past, but didn't know it could do that
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Not for the GPU AFAIK. Only RivaTuner and a couple other GPU overclocking software can change the GPU fan speed.
Gotcha. Just read some reviews that said the 4890 can get pretty hot under a stress load, but read that putting the fan speed at about 55%-70% would calm the beast lol I'm not really worried about noise, as long as the noise is causing some kind of benefit. Thanks for everyone's help.
Most modern video cards run pretty hot, the HD4890 is no exception. I run my GTX 260 at ~60-70% fan speed depending on the load. Just make custom fan profiles and you'll have a silent and cool video card.
That's what I was hoping to do with Riva. Can I make custom profiles with it?
Haha man that's a big guide. Thanks for the link, I'll give it a go when I get my PC.
It's quite easy to set it up, the writer just did a good job going into a lot of detail on how to get it right.
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