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well I got a good deal on i7 920 and evga classified, so the inevitable has come as I was planning on going with thuban but, this opportunity came up and decided to as the famous vince vaugh says "grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly pal"

I would just like to say thank you to all of you guys for helping me with my build, OCing and answering all my questions. I will be trolling this forum still providing the knowledge I have gained about this side of the house for amd users. I hope I am just as succesful OCing my new setup as I was with AMD.

Look out for my build log here is what's to come:

i7 920 D0
eVGA Classified 759 x58
6gb Crucial Ballistix DDR3 Ram 1600mhz
x2 WD 640gb HD
x2 Sapphire ATI HD5770
Ultra x3 1000w Power Supply
Creative X-Fi Xtremegamer

WC loop:

Swifty Apogee GTZ i7
Bitspower Black Freezer eVGA x58 Waterblock
Swifty 120mm tripple rad
Swifty MCP655
Bitspower Water Tank 250
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