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Making your own Liquid Metal on the cheap...

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You can make your own Galinstan for less than 10% of the price of the commercial stuff like Conductonaut. And get to experiment with Indium ratios too compared to regular Galinstan.

Gallery here. Warning: it creates a LOT more than is apparent at first so start slow.


Started with 100 grams of Gallium, 40 grams of Indium and 20 grams of Tin purchased. Total cost: $64.

Used about 5 grams of Gallium, 5 grams of Indium and 1 gram of Tin. With the ceramic cup as an oven casualty since not all of the Indium melted by combining it (The cup will get used again :), ended with 10 grams of Galinstan for a fraction of the price of the commercial stuff!

Got a lot of raw materials left. Tested on my MSI GT 7820HK Laptop, temps were equal to or better than Galinstan I bought from Riga (30 grams for $22 awhile back), maybe by 1C better. Should be equal to conductonaut, but longevity is to be determined.


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