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It will be the weakest link, if pressure for whatever reason builds in your loop, because of clog or blockage it will be the point of any failure as it will literary blow out if it's not connected in such a way as it can't be moved around as between two firm connections that won't budge no matter what unless dismantling your loop.

They are meant for problematic and tight spaces not for quick disconnect alternative hanging around loosely.
If you have various parts you want to sandwich into a place they can be useful but not recommended otherwise.

Had trouble with SLI/crossfire multi GPU alternatives that used the same principle. They just blew out on me at random if pressure was too great in the loop for whatever reason. The O-rings grip loosened with time and was not as snug as first time use and was unusable after a few rebuilds as the connection was so fragile any pressure caused it to disconnect spraying water all over the components.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts