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man...what is wrong with my laptop???!!!

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ok. i have a 700m with a 40 gb hd, nec 6500a dvdrw, and 2 x 256mb sticks.

i bought another 700m for my mom with a 80 gb hd, nec 6650a dvdrw and 1 x 512 mb stick

i switched the HD and put it in my laptop and i cant install windows to save my life! im constantly getting the following errors:

"INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14"

"file \\i386\\biosinfo.inf could not be loaded. the error code is 32768"

or after windows inspects my hardware configuration, it reboots back to POST.

ive tried booting to a win98se bootdisk and doing FDISK and FORMAT, but it only makes a 10gb partition. could this have anythign to do with it?

***!!!!!! i need to get my laptop back up and running to do homework? HELP PLEASE
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cyrixMII300: the HD comes up fine in BIOS. its a dell 700m

Ty Auchter: it wont even let me into Windows setup

bobyjo: thanks. ive installed Win XP a million times, but this laptop is giving me a lot of trouble for some particular reason

m doing a low level format with Seagate DiscWizard now and im gonna give it another try afterwards *crosses fingers*

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ok, i cancelled the format because it was only 25% done after 1.5 hours. i used Seagate tools and formatted it w/ NTFS file system and giving it another try.....

FAWK! now it gives me "file \\i386\\halacpi.dll could not be loaded. The error code is 14"

ok, did a quick reformat with Seagate tools and when i try to install windows, i get the error:

"file \\i386\\halacpi.dll could not be loaded. The error code is 14"


did memtest86 - not the memory
scanned the HD with seagate tools - not the HD (its brand new too)
tried with 2 DVD-RW drives

gonna make another copy of my winxp cd. thats the only thing i can think of.

i found another copy of winxp lying around and it seems to be formatting in windows setup now. im gonna feel like such a fool if this works....

yep. im a fool. sorry for the trouble guys.
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