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Hello guys!

So I'm having a giant issue with my home networking setup, which is under some heavy constrains due to local setups/equipment availability.
And after days of fiddling around with no success, I'm running on empty now.

The hardware and present:
  • Zyxel P-870H-53A V2

The setup:
  • Zyxel in Router/Modem mode, with ISP login etc.; external connection into WAN, LAN cable to ASUS WAN port.
  • ASUS in Wireless Router mode***, configured as Access Point; distributes LAN and WLAN internet

The settings:
  • Zyxel: IP / DHCP, Pool 32 / DHCP Client list; with MAC address of Asus
  • ASUS: DHCP turned off / WAN IP set to static, Subnet mask, Gateway / DNS set manually / LAN IP UNCHANGED, Subnet -> LAN has its own MAC address

=> In this configuration, LAN internet works, but WLAN refuses to budge (obviously, I don't know how to fix that...) and I have access to the Asus GUI. I tried messing around with the LAN IP to get it on an IP that I can add to the Zyxel DHCP client list, but to no avail (due to my lack of knowledge).

  • Zyxel: None noticeable for me
  • ASUS:
1. WLAN does not work in this configuration
2. Setting the LAN IP to anything else OR changing the Asus into Access point mode and configuring it manually through setup (IP / Subnet / Gateway / DNS manual) ALWAYS causes me to lose access to the Asus Router GUI/Settings, whereby not even Nmap, CMD ipconfic commands or Asus Device Discovery find the IP of the router anymore -> I am fully locked out of it while it works.
3. Configuring the Asus router in AP mode works and all connections work, but again, the access IP goes into nirvana and I have now way of finding it or configuring it.

I know this is a weird setup, but I have to work with what I have here.
I would love to keep the Asus in its full Wireless Routing mode IF possible, so that I can use all its features. But I would gladly set for a Access Point setup with limited functionality, as long as I can still access it somehow.
I'm sure there's probably an obvious mistake somewhere here, so feel free to point it out!

Any help at all is greatly appreciated!!!

*Edit: I've got a lot of "info" from here, in terms of selecting the Asus WAN IP outside the main Routers DHCP range etc. (https://forums.tomshardware.com/thr...e-kill-wired-lan-connections-rt-n56u.1567901/)
*Edit2: I realize now, a bit too late, that it might well be that the Asus becomes unconfigurable in AP mode.... So is there an option to use Wireless Mode and configure it as AP, so that the LAN AND WLAN work?.

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If you connect a computer directly to your Zyxel box, do you get WAN access?

Make sure the gateways are different in the first three places, ie: Zyxel, Asus

What if you disable router/DHCP server/etc on the Zyxel and treat it EXCLUSIVELY like a modem? That's how I'd recommend doing so, unless there's a specific reason you want your Zyxel functioning as your router/DHCP server.

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I have not seen a response from the OP.

which device are you wanting to use as your wireless ?

Are you just wanting to use the Zyxel as the modem only and use just the ASUS router for your wireless services ?

are you trying to just extend your wireless service from the Zyxel to another room via using ASUS router as AP only?
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