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Marantz 2220b issue

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I have a Marantz 2220b stereo receiver from ~70s

recently, the right channel has been MUCH quieter than the left to the point that in order to be balanced, the balance knob must be turned almost all the way to the right.

would anybody know enough about older stereo equipment to help me figure out the problem?

I have a service manual available (here) and can recognize what circuits the audio goes through first and what they all do, I just can't figure out why it's mis balanced though.
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Perhaps the potentiometer in the balance knob and maybe the other knobs need to be cleaned up. I have an old Calibre receiver that was doing the same thing, but I accidentally shorted it out and made it smoke... dead now...
I already checked and cleaned all the pots. both the balance and volume knobs read 1-5 ohms at max volume, 1Kohm at min vol

I know the issue is somewhere between the preamp and the output but that covers just about every component except the phono amp and tuners so it doesn't narrow it much.
have you done a visual inspection to look for any parts that are in obvious need of repair?
yes I have, as well as testing a few choice components from many of the circuits (mainly caps)

edit: why would I ask if I had seen some big exploded cap in the middle? (or I would have at least mentioned it)
well, miraculously, after listening to it for ~10 hours with the balance knob used to balance it to normal, it seems to have corrected itself and is now perfectly balanced.
check out audiokarma, they love the vintage stuff around there
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