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Here is a list of FAQ for every section in the Overclock.net Marketplace, click on the links for any section to read the FAQ for that section. This FAQ should be read in conjunction with the Marketplace Rules (which are linked in the "Everything Else" section), in order to gain a full understanding of how the marketplace system works, and to avoid breaking any rules, and incurring any infractions that may go with them.

Selling FAQ

Buying FAQ

Appraisals FAQ

Freebies FAQ

Wanted FAQ

iTrader FAQ

Everything Else
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Q. Why aren't I allowed to make a listing?
A. You must have 35 reps to post an item for sale.
You can reply to other members wanted listings via the PM button if you have the item they want.

Q.I just got 35 reps, why aren't I allowed to make a For Sale Thread?
A. The system doesn't update right away, it could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to be able to make a thread.

Q. I'm a first time seller, what sort of payment should I accept?
A. I'd recommend PayPal or Money Order, PayPal is the most common one (on these boards at least), and has some protection, but I don't suggest Bank Transfers, or anything along those lines, basically you can put any form of payment down, but the buyer has to be willing to pay using your method.

Q. When making my thread, is there anything I should do?
A. Absolutely, first of all use the dropdown menu to choose either For Sale, Trade, etc, as well as a descriptive title, please don't do be vague, and say "My For Sale Thread," or anything like that, either include a few items you are selling in the title, or the name of the item you are selling. Next change the ship to location to your choice. By doing this, you ensure that your buyers know the item is being sold from, and where you are willing to ship to. Also, inside the actual body of the thread, put all the details of the item you are selling, include images with the required physical note with your Overclock.net name and the date of the listing, and make sure to put a price down.

Q. How do I bump my listing?
A. You can bump the listing by clicking the bump listing button in the first post.

Q. My item just sold, what should I do now?
A. After payment is received, don't change anything in your thread, simply click the close listing button in the first post. If you have multiple items in one listing strike though sold items then close the listing once all the items are sold.

Q. I closed my listing after selling, now I can't find it, where is it?
A. After listings have been closed, they get removed from the default filters. Change the filters to closed or check the list of threads you have created to find it.

Q. If being payed by PayPal with a credit card, can I ask for an extra amount due to the fee? Also, can I ask for a payment to be sent via the Gift Option in PayPal?
A. The answer is NO to both of these questions. You can't ask for any extra fees, or a "tax" to be added because of any PayPal fees. We at OCN want to follow PayPal's rules, and for your convenience, here is the rule excerpted from PayPal's User Agreement:

4.6 No Surcharges. You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method. You may charge a handling fee in connection with the sale of goods or services, as long as the handling fee does not operate as a surcharge and is not higher than the handling fee you charge for non-PayPal transactions.

You also may not request, or offer (as a buyer) a gift, or personal payment(s) to circumvent any associated fees, as it negates any claims that could arise, as well as is against PayPal's rules, and the excerpted rule is included here for your convenience:

4.2 Receiving Payments for Commercial Transactions and Personal Transactions. a. Fees depend on whether you are making a commercial transaction or a personal transaction. A commercial transaction involves buying and selling goods or services, and payments received when you send a "request money" using PayPal. A personal transaction involves sending money to and receiving money from friends and family without making a purchase.

b. If you are selling goods or services, you may not ask the buyer to send you a personal payment for the purchase. If you do so, PayPal may remove your ability to accept personal payments.

Q. Can I sell my Steam Account?
A. No, due to the Steam EULA, you may not sell your Steam Account, or another persons. This goes for ALL games activated through Steam as well, once the key is activated, it is tied to the account, and cannot be transferred. The specific rule from the EULA is included:
When you complete Steam's registration process, you create a Steam account ("Account"). Your Account may also include billing information you provide to us for the purchase of Subscriptions. You are solely responsible for all activity on your Account and for the security of your computer system. You may not reveal, share or otherwise allow others to use your password or Account. You agree that you are personally responsible for the use of your password and Account and for all of the communication and activity on Steam that results from use of your login name and password. You may not sell or charge others for the right to use your Account, or otherwise transfer your Account.

Check here for all of Steams rules.

Q. Can I sell software?
A. Yes, but as long as they aren't any of these:
  • OEM software: Unless it's in the original, factory sealed package or never registered AND accompanied by a significant piece of hardware (defined as optical drive or larger). EXCEPT: Open OEM registered versions of Windows may be sold with the motherboard the OEM license is tied to.
  • Online accounts
  • In Game Items
  • Software keys not accompanied by original media: This includes steam games, pack deals or any other digital download.
  • Promotional software: Any software received with a hardware purchase must not be sold separately.
As long as they follow the guidelines, they can be sold.

Example of a Good For Sale, or Trade Thread:


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Q. Do I need a certain amount of rep to buy something?
A. No, you can buy anything with 0 rep

Q. As a buyer, or even a "browser," can I post a link, or tell about a lower price for an item someone else is selling?
A. No, absolutely not. If you wish to let them know, send them a PM, but no talking about price(s) in someone's For Sale Thread.


Some points to note:

1) Ensure both you and the seller have each other's needed contact information independent of Overclock.net in case of emergency. This can usually be done via systems like PayPal.

2) We recommend faciliating deals in a way that allows for (a) buyer/seller recourse if needed and (b) proof of delivery. This helps protect both buyers and sellers.

3) Overclock.net can not nor will not get involved in buyer seller disputes. Use this section at your own risk.

4) Rep points do not equal complete trust. We have a rep limit to help stop spam. That's it.

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Q. How many reps do I need to post an Appraisal thread?
A. 35 reps, the same as a For Sale thread.

Q. I just got 35 reps, why aren't I allowed to make an Appraisal thread?
A. Same reason as posting a For Sale thread, the system needs to update, wait patiently and you'll be able to post a thread.

Q. Can I sell an item, or items in an Appraisal thread?
A. No, please create a For Sale thread for your items, copy and pasting from the Appraisal to a new For Sale thread and some editing may ease the work.

Q. Do I need to know anything before I start my Appraisal thread?
A. Yes, all threads must be titled [Appraisal(s] as well as have a descriptive title. Include as much detail in the body, and when you are satisfied with the appraisals, please [Appraisal(s] to [Completed] and a moderator will lock the thread.

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Q. I want to post a freebie, how many reps do I need to post one?
A. You need 10 reps and 20 days on the site to post a freebie.

Q. What's a good way to determine a winner?
A. Many users use a online randomizer and use the post log to find all the members who posted. This is the best, and most impartial way. You are free to find your own way to select a winner as well.

Q. Can I give my, or anyone else's Steam account away via a Freebie?
A. No, see the excerpted section from Steams EULA (above) for more information.

Q. Can I give "Lockerz" or "Demonoid," site invites away?
A. No, as Lockerz is a referral program, this goes against our (OCN) policies against self advertising, this applies to all referral sites, not just Lockerz. Demonoid is common sense, and no invites to site similar to Demonoid are allowed either. Some online sites are allowed to be given away, as long as there is nothing in THEIR EULA prohibiting it.

Q. Can I use a "List Format" for my freebie?
A. No, using the list format for freebies is prohibited. If you need to find who posted, use the Thread Post Count tool.

Q. Can I give away CD Keys?
A. You can, but a Proof of Purchase MUST be shown when giving any keys away.

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Q. How many reps do I need to post a new wanted listing
A. You need 35 reps to start a new wanted listing

Q. Is there anything I should know, or do before starting a new thread?
A. All Wanted threads must have the prefix of "Wanted" before them, and it can be found in the pull down menu. As with any thread you create on OCN, you should have a descriptive title, and body, and an asking price.

Q. I found my item, what should I do now?
A. Don't change anything in your thread, simply click the close listing button in the first post. If you have multiple items in one listing strike though found items then close the listing once all the items are found.


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Trader Rating:

Q. What is Trader Rating?
A. Trader Rating, in a nutshell, is a feeback system, allowing buyers and sellers to leave feedback for transactions that have taken place on these forums.

Q. Why leave Trader Rating?
A. You should leave feedback in order to "rate" the buyer or seller, as to let the community know how reputable the other party was. Trader Rating (i.e. feedback) is arguably the most valuable asset you as a buyer or seller can have, as the feedback can speak volumes about you, as well as show you to be a trustworthy buyer or seller. It helps maintain the OCN Marketplace as a safe area as well.

Q. How do I leave Trader Rating?
A. Before leaving Trader Rating, make sure that you as the buyer have received the item, and in satisfactory condition, or as the seller have received word that the item has been received in the condition expected. Do NOT leave Trader Rating before the transaction is complete.
To leave Trader Rating, click on the number next to their Trader Rating in their postbit or go to their profile page and click trader feedback

After clicked, you'll see a page with their ratings, percentages, and more. To leave feedback press the "Leave Feedback" button:

From here, you'll have a variety of options.
First up enter the URL of the listing.

Next choose from the dropdown menu whether you were the Buyer, Seller, or it was a trade:

Next leave a positive, neutral or negative rating from:

Before leaving Negative Feedback PLEASE talk to the buyer or seller, and make sure they know you are dissatisfied. More likely than not, the other party will try and rectify the situation, do NOT leave negative trader rating without talking to the other party first.

Next, you can leave 2 short comments, the first is public and can be viewed by anyone and should describe the transaction, such as "Good Seller, Fast Shipping," or "Great Buyer, Fast Payment," or any other details you think are necessary. The second is private and can only be seen by you, the other member and the marketplace staff.

Once you are done check the boxes and click the Post Feedback button.

Q. Why does my Trader Reputation not match the number of ratings I have received?
A. The Trader Reputation is based on the number of unique positive ratings minus the number of unique positive ratings you receive so if you receive 2 positive ratings from the same member they will only count as 1.
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