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[Masivly] Final SWTOR characters revealed!

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Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor

the Jedi Consular and the Sith Inquisitor. The Jedi Consular is a support class specialized in healing, but with ranged offensive capabilities as well.
Awesome.... now to decide what to be..... can't do jedi

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I can't wait for this game!I know i'm going to play all classes through to the end but i think i'm gonna start off with the smuggler just cause the cover system looks interesting.
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Well, they've got all the classes out now, most (if not all) of the planets revealed I'm assuming, a couple of gameplay features released...all that's left is to let the beta invites fly!

For the millionth time, I'm super duper excited for this game!!!
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I bet they'll release 4 more classes (two for each faction) a year or two after the release of the game.
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i'm still waiting on playable races.My friend wants to be an hk protocol assassin droid
which i'm guessing would be the imperial agent class wise.
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