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Hi, i'm very very new to o/c'ing and am getting quite into the whole thing....i'm just about decided on going for watercooling, but i want to check some things before i do.

1) are components such as waterblocks etc rated to a certain pressure or rating?

2) How to connect different waterblocks to say the radiator....can someone tell me how it's done and if there's some sort of pressure calculation that needs to be done?

3) Different pipe widths....are some for different uses or is it just a matter of choice?

4) nice CPU waterblocks for AMD 64's (3000+) and Nforce 3 250 chipset.

Thanks peeps

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Yes this guy is cool

he has my processor

is it socket 754?

but I just ordered my w/c and it came in about 3-4 days ago

I got a

DD TDX waterblock
a single heatercore with 2 fans push/pull
a 5.25bay resivoir
a Hydor L35 pump
and thats bout it
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