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Planned on tossing all sorts of random eye catchers in the title to go for the best in viral marketing, but instead just got down to business...a mATX i7 build.

Still waiting on the new mATX case to get here, so I'm not sure I'll be able to get the photos uploaded until I put the new card reader and the rest of the gear in the Mini P180 that the final build will be put in. For now, everything's sitting in my Silverstone TJ-08 (that I'm desperately trying to sell) until Smasher Basher's MiniP180 makes its way to me in the next few days.

Of course I'll be putting one of the cameras to work once all the parts are here (just waiting on case) and I can do a photo of step by step installation (because I'm just that vain).

Here's a list of parts at the moment...

Antec Mini P180
Intel i7 920 SLBEJ B Batch
EVGA GTX 275 CO OP Halloween Special
G.Skill Tridents 3x2 @ 1866
Western Digital 640 AALS
Prolimatech MegaShadow
Corsair HX520
Scythe Kama Reader
Scythe Kaze Master
Samsung 2343BWX
Razer Lycosa
Razer Deathadder
Razer Sphex

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Originally Posted by EuroFix
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U mention that it's a build. What do you plan to mod?

I'd like to know as well

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It's possible he might have thrown it in the wrong section, as I don't see anything about a planned mod. Either way though, I have this sub'd. I was thinking about going ATX mid-tower but I always like to see what people put in my mini
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