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I am wondering if a mATX motherboard would fit a nh-d14 while also having 3 pci express cards. I know the mATX boards have enough slots, but if its like my current ATX board and I wouldnt be able to use the first slot, that would be a problem.

I use a GTX760 with accelero extreme III, but I also have a creative ZxR and I am looking to buy a 802.11ac pci-express card.

I would use either the fractal design mini or the nanoxia deep silence 4. They seem a bit outdated, lacking features that the R4/R5 (although they are mid towers) have.

I move my case a lot, which is why I am looking to switch to mATX. However, I am looking for a board with onboard intel controller and sata express.

My other option is sticking with my current motherboard, Maximus VI Formula and switch out the full tower case (NZXT H630) for a Fractal Design Define R5.

My current case weighs 55lbs. Its heavier than most computer case builds out there, but if it was smaller, it would be much easier to move around, I would also save 8lbs, but the bulkiness of my current case is more of a problem than the weight.

Any thoughts? I have no idea what to do. Two great choices, it confuses me. =P
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