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Max Voltage on 3570K

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Hi All,

I know this is discussed almost everywhere on the forum. I see that intel's max is 1.51v. I also see people saying don't take it over 1.35v EVER, and then there are people who say don't worry about it unless it gets too hot.

I recently bought a new i5 3570K due to stupidity on the old one and voltage. I'm currently able to run w/ 48 multiplier and 1.44v. No hiccups yet, but also no stress test yet. I was able to run 47 @ 1.35ish. I'm thinking that would be my best bet for 24/7 if I don't want to kill this proc, too.

What's the general consensus on running these things > 1.4v? I know every piece of silicon can have different process variations, but in general has it been OK to run at > 1.4v ?
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The maximum safe voltage is around 1.35v to 1.4v. I would not run your i5 at 1.44v
I had mine at 5.0 with 1.45v, that's just too much voltage for my liking. I was worried about degradation more than anything. Now I run at 4.6 at 1.25v, I have enough CPU power to do anything I use my PC for.
Thanks for the input. I think I'll drop back to lower voltage/frequency now
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Originally Posted by jsteelm View Post

Thanks for the input. I think I'll drop back to lower voltage/frequency now
Nothing wrong with running at 4.7, just see if you can use lower voltage. I can also do 4.8 at 1.30v.
I tried to run it at 4.7 but there was some instability. I run a hackintosh and with 4.7 (at 1.36) there were some programs crashing. Can you think of what could increase stability other than upping Vcc?
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