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With 1.725, I could reach fsb 166 (3.0G)
Mainboard is ASUS P4P800 DELUXE.

I wonder what is maximum v-core for Northwood 1.8A.
Doesn't it matter upto 1.85 as long as I can hold the temp down around 40?

Also which is the best stability test tool? Folding or Prime or Super-PI?


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Originally Posted by Moonhill

What do you mean with 'verified version'? Stability test?

Verification is the method in which you prove your overclock (not stability, just overclock)

On your CPUID/CPU-Z About page you will see a button called "Validation". Press it and you will see that you can save a validation file. Then go to this webpage and upload that file.


You will be given a link that shows a valid outcome for your overclock.

Such as mine:

To stress test your cpu, download StressPrime2004 (SP2004)


Uncompress the cab file and run it for a certain set period of time. I use 24 hours but some use 8 hours or 6 hours. Your choice. Then you can take a print screen of this and upload it.

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