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Hello, I have a Maximus II Formula which I would like to use a my computer's motherboard. My P5E still runs, but the top PCI-E 16x is stuck in 8x and a copper trace on the back has peeled off. While it still seems stable, I rather use the MIIF due to this issues.

With the MIIF I am having problem achieving the same 3.6GHz clock with my Q6600. I've been able to successfully boot at 3.2GHz and it appears stable. However, I can only successfully boot the computer if I set 3.2 and then bump up to 3.6GHz. If I restart or the computer crashes, I need to load to defaults in order to POST.

When I am able to boot into Windows at 3.6, LinX always crashes ~5 seconds in and I get the 124 BSOD.

I've increased vCore and FSB Termination Voltage, but neither seemed to make a difference. My current MIIF settings are below. Note the the voltages being used on the MIIF are approximations since I don't recall the exact decimal values and should be the same as the ones used on the P5E.

Extreme Tweaker  
Ai Overclock Tuner : Manual
OC From CPU Level Up : AUTO
Ratio CMOS Setting : 9
FSB Frequency : 400
CPU Clock Skew : AUTO
NB Clock Skew : AUTO 
FSB Strap to North Bridge : 400
DRAM Frequency: 800
DRAM CLK Skew On Channel A1: AUTO
DRAM CLK Skew On Channel A2: AUTO
DRAM CLK Skew On Channel B1: AUTO
DRAM CLK Skew On Channel B2: AUTO
DRAM Timing Control: Manual

CAS# Latency : 5
RAS# to CAS# Delay : 5
RAS# Precharge : 5
RAS# Activate to Precha : 15
RAS# to RAS# Delay : AUTO
Row Refresh Cycle Time : AUTO
Write Recovery Time : AUTO
Read to Precharge Time : AUTO

Read to Write Delay (S/D) : AUTO
Write to Read Delay (S) : AUTO
Write to Read Delay (D) : AUTO
Read to Read Delay (S) : AUTO
Read to Read Delay (D) : AUTO
Write to Write Delay (S) : AUTO
Write to Write Delay (D) : AUTO

Write to Pre Delay : Auto
Read to Pre Delay : Auto
Pre to Pre Delay : Auto
All Pre to act Delay : Auto
All Pre to Ref Delay : Auto

DRAM Static Read Control: Disabled
Dram Read Training : Auto
Mem. OC Charger : Auto
Ai Clock Twister : AUTO
Transaction Booster : AUTO
PCIE Freguency : 100

CPU Voltage : 1.35
CPU PLL Voltage : 1.6
FSB Termination Voltage : 1.4
DRAM Voltage : 2.0
North Bridge Voltage : 1.45
South Bridge 1.5 Voltage : 1.5
South Bridge 1.1 Voltage : 1.1

CPU GTL Reference (0) : AUTO
CPU GTL Reference (1) : AUTO
CPU GTL Reference (2) : AUTO
CPU GTL Reference (3) : AUTO
NB GTL Reference : AUTO
DDR2 ChA Reference Voltage : AUTO
DDR2 ChB Reference Voltage : AUTO
North Bridge DDR Reference :AUTO

CPU Configuration
Ratio CMOS Setting : 9
C1E Suppport : Disabled
Max CPUID Value Limit : Disabled
Intel (R) Virtualization Tech. : Disabled
CPU Disable Bit :   Disabled
Execute Disable Bit : Disabled
Intel (R) Speed Step (tm) Tech :  Disabled

Load-Line Calibration : 
CPU Spread Spectrum : Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum : Disabled

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Try those 400MHz FSB settings with 6x CPU multiplier and test it in P95 Large FFT for couple of hours (6x 400 = 2.4GHz) ..

Also set STRAP to AUTO and RAM manually @ 800MHz..

You don't need more than 1.30V for North Bridge @ 400MHz FSB as MFII has P45 chipset not X48

That's needed to see if your motherboard is stable with that FSB and those settings..

If it proves stable then all you need to do do be able to run 9x 400MHz FSB = 3.6GHz is more Vcore,as that holds you back..


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Also try lowering your FSB. I have the same mobo and it doesn't like high FSB (stock is 1.1v as opposed to some that are 1.2v). I think you also want to disable Dram Read Training. I'd check but I have to leave for work here in a min.

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Thanks for the help guys. I've been busy for the past week and was not able to play around with the board. FSB and NB voltages have been lowered since they were not the cause of the problems. I have determined the problem.

Load Line Calibration being enabled was causing my computer to either BSOD or crash without any error message. Disabling it and upping the vCore to 1.5V results in a 1.44V idle and 1.36V load as reported by CPU-Z. Manually setting the vCore with LLC enabled to either or those voltages will cause the machine to crash when running LinX and Prime95(after awhile).

I have never seen this happen. Any ideas or does anyone know a pencil mod for this board? I've searched and have come up empty.
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