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May switch from AMD > Intel.

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I've looked at some pretty good Intel builds lately, and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

What all do I have to replace? My memory for one, cause I don't think Intel supports DDR400.

A new GPU? Mobo? And a GFX card? Anyone lead me in the right direction, I'm more or less interested in a duo-core. I'm on a 700-800 dollar budget canadian.
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That would be a motherboard, processor, and RAM.

You will need a motherboard of socket type 775 and DDR2 memory.
Yes the GPU card will be fine with Intel Mother boards mate...If its PCI-E of course.

As for your RAM it isnt Native to LGA 775 however you can get Hybrid Motherboards to allow the use of AGP/PCI-E/DDR1 with lga 775
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How exactly do I check if it's PCI-Express. I got this gpu a few months ago before I knew anything about computers.
I just looked up your motherboard. Its an AGP card... So yes you will need a new video card as well. Though luck man.
Is intel noticibly better or worse then AMD? What are the differences really? I'm going to go look at some prices for it.
Right now the C2D pwns any AMD. It's just a fact. AMD will catch up. But the C2D are nicely priced and way more powerful than the AMDs. If I was spending money on a new rig right now I'd be getting an intel no doubt.
Just got the E6600 and it is blazing. Benches great.
Good price but overclocking these things are what makes them great! I am sitting nice at 3.4 Ghz on the E6600.
It's like 400 bucks for the CPU, isn't that a bit expensive?
E6300 $216

Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 $146

Evga 7600 GT $160

Corsair XMS2 1GB $179

The RAM won't OC that well, you can go with Team Group but they're priced at $314 and would put the build over your budget
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Got mine for $312 at Tiger Direct. I used to have the same processor as you and what a difference. I used to love AMD's but these Core2s are sick. It is worth the money if you have it.

Originally Posted by Essy View Post
It's like 400 bucks for the CPU, isn't that a bit expensive?
The E6600 is only about $300 and the E6400 and 6300 are even less.
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I have heard the E6300 and E6400 hold their own even with 2MB cache. Might be something to consider.
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