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Mechs! I need something with giant robots!

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Has there been anything in the last 5 years with giant fighting robots? Anything, I don't care if its an RTS, first or third person, whatever. It seems all Gundam games come out for consoles and the next mechwarrior game won't be out for a while.
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Seen this? It is a total conversion mod for Crysis.


I'm not sure if this will work with steam copies. Investigating now.

EDIT: Actually I don't think the mod is even out. Never mind.
Command and Conquer 3 + Expansion have mechs
I have that mod bookmarked. Anything else?

Originally Posted by KitRae View Post
MechWarrior 4?
this for sure.
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get Shogo: Mobile Armor Division!
Multiplayer is so much fun especially when you haven't found a mobile armor (mech) yet and your friend stomps on you.
There are also mechs that can fire a nuclear bomb with their gun, and the usual laser sword for mechs.

I couldnt find better screenshots but this game looks really good for an old one.
I'd say comparable or a bit better than halflife 1 graphics
Kind of a mix between 3d and anime.

Gameplay video in first person view:
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The new mechwarrior looks so awesome, hopefully it doesn't get to repetitive.
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