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Media Server Build

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Hi Everyone,

I'm considering building my own media server and then a seaprate HTPC. The HTPC would be very simple. It would just run Win7 and have a Blu Ray ODD. It would access Blu Ray and HD DVD files I have ripped from some file storage over the network and send it to my Denon AV Tuner to display on my projector. My entire house is wired with Cat 6 Ethernet gigabit connections.

The media server is the question. It would be a completely separate machine from my HTPC. I would like it to do the following:
  • Be on all the time
  • Use low power
  • Handle 2 to 4 SATA drives (hopefully SATA 3)
  • Easy access to the video files
To do this, I am trying to decide what to build:
  1. Processor: Should I use an Intel Core i3-2100? Is that overkill? Or something smaller like the AMD E-350? What do folks recommend?
  2. Motherboard: Should I do one of those combo motherboard/CPU things? This would go along with the first question if I do an Atom or an AMD E-350...
  3. Memory: 4GB DDR3? 8GB DDR3? Am I smokin' crack?
  4. Backplane for hot swappable drives: Is this necessary?
  5. Case: What's a good case for this system?
Thank you in advance!!
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Originally Posted by GamingDaemon;14230730
I like the price. Thank you for the advice!

Nice case!! I think I prefer the black version and it is a little cheaper: LIAN LI PC-Q08B

Looks like I could get about 6 drives in there, definitely 3 very easily. Thank you.
yup, just pick up a mini itx board with a good amount of sata ports and you're good to go
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