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I just ordered a file server build from the egg that has an E-350 proc on an Asus m-itx board.

I used 3 HDDs (1 (500GB) for OS and 2 (2 TB) for Raid-1). I got a case that has 1 internal 3.5" 1 external 3.5" and a 5.25" I then used this for the 5.25. It allows for a slim ODD because I just can't seem to get myself to part with them.

If you are fine with only 3 drives I'd get this and just use the adapter. I also swapped out the PSU on that for a different one. The case uses flex-atx power supplies. There are 5.25 to 2.5 hot swap bays if you want to use those. I just wanted something that could fit in my shelf and me not have to worry about it.

I was looking for a cheap build and my final price was around $500.
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