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MEGA 1366 RAM clearance?

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Would the 1366 boards have the same problems as the p55 boards in regards to mounting thr MEGA
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I'm not sure what you mean as i have the super tall kingston hyper-x's and i don't have a issue with the megahalems heatsink. If i do use the 38mm though it is pretty close though. But 25mm fans are not a problem unless you are feeling all the slots up though.
Yea.. I just have seen a lot of stuff on the P55 boards that if you use a megahalems it will block ur ram slots if they are say corsair dominators..
On the EVGA mATX x58 board, the first slots are incapable of use.

Northbridge cooling requires the Megahalems be mounted horizontally (blowing air up or down), and so first ram slot is a no go.
well... thats on a mATX.... reg ATX would be fine right?
With the setup in my sig there is about 2mm clearance between the fan (120x25mm) on the Mega and my ram heatsinks. It makes the first slot unusable and 120x38mm fan impossible. That's with it mounted vertically, I haven't tried horizontally. If you only plan on only getting 3 sticks of ram and 25mm thick fans, it fits perfectly.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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