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I have a lot of movies that I do not need anymore. The list is below. Shipping is included in the sales price.

Do you think these prices are reasonable?

TV Seasons: $12.50 EACH

1.24 Season 1
2.American Dad Volume 1
3.American Dad Volume 2
4.American Dad Volume 3
5.American Dad Volume 4
6.Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 1
7.Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 3
8.Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 4
9.Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 5
10.Arrested Development Season 1
11.Arrested Development Season 2
12.Arrested Development Season 3
13.Band of Brothers Complete Mini Series - $25.00
14.Chappelles Show Lost Episodes
15.Chappelles Show Season 1
16.Chappelles Show Season 2
17.Crank Yankers Season 1
18.Dragonball Z Season 1
19.Family Guy Volume 1
20.Family Guy Volume 2
21.Family Guy Volume 3
22.Family Guy Volume 4
23.Family Guy Volume 5
24.Family Guy Volume 7
25.Fantastic Four (Complete Animated Series)
27.Flight of the Conchordes Season 1
28.Flight of the Conchordes Season 2
29.Futurama Season 1
30.Futurama Season 2
31.Futurama Season 3
32.Futurama Season 4
33.Gilmore Girls Season 1
34.Gilmore Girls Season 2
35.Gilmore Girls Season 3
36.Gilmore Girls Season 4
37.Gilmore Girls Season 5
38.Gilmore Girls Season 6
39.Gilmore Girls Season 7
40.Girls Next Door Season One
41.Harvey Birdman Season 2
42.It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1 & 2
43.It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 3
44.It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 4
45.Laguna Beach Season 1
46.Nip Tuck Season 1
47.Nip Tuck Season 2
48.School House Rocks Election Edition
49.Scrubs Season 1
50.Seinfeld Season 1
51.Spongebob Squarepants Season 1
52.Spongebob Squarepants Season 2
53.Spongebob Squarepants Season 3
54.The Hills Season 1
55.The Office Season 1
56.The Office Season 2
57.The Office Season 3
58.The Office Season 4
59.The Simpsons Season 1
60.The Simpsons Season 2
61.The Simpsons Season 3
62.The Simpsons Season 4
63.The Simpsons Season 5
64.The Simpsons Season 6
65.The Simpsons Season 7
66.The Simpsons Season 8
67.The Simpsons Season 9
68.The Simpsons Season 10
69.The Simpsons Season 11
70.The Venture Brothers Season 1
71.The Venture Brothers Season 3

Blu-Ray’s - 12.50 EACH

1.3:10 to Yuma
3.A Clockwork Orange
4.Batman Begins
5.Fast and Furious 4
6.Fifth Element
8.I am Legend
9.Iron Man
10.No Country for Old Men
11.Planet Earth
12.Rambo 3
13.Rambo First Blood
14.Rambo First Blood Part 2
15.Saw 4
16.Spiderman 3
17.Talladega Nights
18.The Dark Knight
19.The Patriot
21.Tropic Thunder
22.We Own the Night

Movies: 6.50 EACH
1.28 Days Later
2.28 Weeks Later
3.40 Days and 40 Nights
4.A Bridge too Far
5.A Charlie Brown Christmas
6.A Few Good Men
7.A River Runs Through it
9.About Last Night
10.AC/DC Live at Donington
12.Alien VS Predator Unrated
13.American Beauty
14.American Gangster
15.American President
16.American Psycho
17.American Teen
18.Amityville 2:The Possession
19.Amityville 3-D
20.An Affair to Remember
21.Analyze That
22.Analyze This
24.Apocalypse Now Redux
25.Apollo 13
26.Arlington Road
27.August Rush
29.Babylon AD
30.Back from the Grave
31.Back to the Future 1
32.Back to the Future 2
33.Back to the Future 3
34.Bad Santa
36.Batman Begins
37.Battle Royale
38.Be Cool
41.Bend it like Beckham
43.Best in Show
44.Better off Dead
45.Beverly Hills Cop 1
46.Beverly Hills Cop 2
47.Beverly Hills Cop 3
48.Big Trouble in Little China
49.Black Hawk Down
52.Blade Trinity
53.Blair Witch 2
54.Blood Diamond
55.Blood of the Dragon
56.Born into Brothels
58.Breakfast at Tiffany’s
59.Breakfast Club
60.Broken Flowers
61.Brothers Grimm
62.Bulletproof Monk
63.Cabin Boy
66.Carlitos Way: Rise to Power
67.Casino Royale
68.Cast Away
69.Catch me if you Can
70.Charlies Angels
71.Charlies Angels: Full Throttle
73.Chris Rock Bigger and Blacker
74.Christmas with the Kranks
75.Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion Witch and Wardrobe
76.City by the Sea
78.Cold Mountain
80.Coming to America
81.Con air
82.Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
84.Contract Killer
85.Corpse Bride
86.Crimson Tide
87.Crimson Tide
88.Cruel Intentions
90.Dave Chappelle Live
91.Dave Chappelle Standup
92.Dawn of the Dead
93.Demolition Man
95.Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
98.Don’t be a menace to south central
99. Dracula
100.Dragonball Z Arrival
102.Drop Dead Fred
103.Duece Bigalow
104.Dukes of Hazzard
105.Easy Money
106.Eddie Murphy: Delirious
107.El Dorado
108.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
109.Fantastic Four
110.Far and Away
111.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
112.Final Cut
113.Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children
114.Finding Neverland
115.First Wives Club
117.Forrest Gump
119.Fried Green Tomatoes
120.From Hell
121.Gangs of New York
122.Girl with a Pearl Earring
124.Gone in 60 Seconds
125.Grosse Point Blank
126.Guns and Roses Welcome to the Videos
127.Happy Gilmore
128.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
129.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
130.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
131.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
132.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
134.High Fidelity
135.History of the World Part 1
136.Hope Floats
137.Hot Fuzz
138.House of Flying Daggars
139.I Heart Huckabees
140.In Her Shoes
141.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
142.Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
143.Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
145.Iron Monkey
147.Jerry Macquire
148.Joe Dirt
149.Johnny Dangerously
150.Journey to the Center of the Earth
152.Jurassic Park
153.Just Married
154.Kill Bill Volume 1
155.Kill Bill Volume 2
156.Knocked Up
157.La Vie en Rose
159.Lars and the Real Girl
160.Last Samurai
161.Legends of the Fall
162.Lewis Black Red White and Screwed
163.Life Aquatic
164.Little Miss Sunshine
165.Lord of War
166.Lost in Translation
168.Man of Fire
169.Man of the Year
170.March of the Penquins
171.Marie Antoinette
172.Mask of Zorro
173.Master and Commander
174.Masters of the Universe
175.Mean Girls
177.Memoirs of a Geisha
178.Million Dollar Baby
179.Mirror Mask
180.Mission Impossible 2
181.Monster in Law
182.Mr 3000
183.Mr and Mrs Smith
184.Mr Brooks
186.Muppets take Manhattan
187.My Best Friends Wedding
188.My Cousin Vinny
190.National Treasure
191.Nightmare before Christmas
192.Ocean’s Eleven
193.Ocean’s Twelve
194.Office Space
195.One Fine Day
196.Panic Roon
197.Pans Labryinth
198.Passion of the Christ
201.Pearl Harbor
202.Perfect Storm
203.Pirates of the Caribbean 2
204.Pitch Black
205.Point Break
206.Polar Express
207.Pride and Predjudice
208.Pulp Fiction
209.Pursuit of Happiness
210.Raging Bull
211.Rain man
213.Red Dragon
214.Red Eye
215.Red Planet
216.Requiem for a Dream
217.Reservoir Dogs
218.Risky Business
220.Rocky 1
221.Rocky 2
222.Rocky 3
223.Rocky 4
224.Rocky 5
225.Rocky Horror Picture Show
226.Romeo and Juliet
228.Rush Hour 2
229.Saving Private Ryan
231.Saw 2
232.Scary Movie
233.Scary Movie 2
234.Scary Movie 3
235.Scourge of Worlds
236.Sense and Sensibility
238.Shaun of the Dead
239.Shoot ‘em Up
240.Short Circuit
241.Silence of the Lambs
242.Sin City
243.Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
244.Sixteen Candles
245.Sleepy Hollow
246.SNL Best of Chris Rock
247.SNL John Belushi
248.SNL Will Ferrell
251.Spiderman VS Venom Saga
252.Spongebob Squarepants Movie
253.Spongebob Squarepants: The Big One
254.Star Wars Episode 1
255.Star Wars Episode 2
256.Star Wars Episode 3
257.Star Wars Episode 4
258.Star Wars Episode 5
259.Star Wars Episode 6
260.Starsky and Hutch
261.Steel Magnolias
262.Step Brothers
265.Superman Returns
267.Thank you for Not Smoking
268.The Alamo
269.The Amityville Horror
270.The Aviator
271.The Birdcage
272.The Bourne Identity
273.The Bourne Supremacy
274.The Bourne Ultimatum
275.The Butterfly Effect
276.The Dark Crystal
277.The Exorcism of Emily Rose
278.The Family Stone
279.The Forgotten
280.The Good Shepard
281.The Jerk
282.The Karate Kid 1
283.The Karate Kid 2
284.The Karate Kid 3
285.The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
286.The Legend of Zorro
287.The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
288.The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Extended Box Set
289.The Man in the Iron Mask
290.The Manchurian Candidate
291.The Missing
292.The Mothman Prophecies
293.The One
294.The Patriot
295.The Prestige
296.The Professional
297.The Queen
298.The Rock
299.The Rocker
300.The Shining
301.The Simpsons Movie
302.The Terminal
303.The Usual Suspects
304.The Whole Ten Yards
305.The Wrestler
306.Theres Something about Mary
307.Thirteen Ghosts
308.Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
309.Tital AE
310.TMNT 2
311.Top Gun
312.Trading Places
313.Training Day
316.Van Helsing
317.Van Wilder
318.Vanity Fair
320.Walk the Line
321.War of the Worlds
322.Waynes World 1
323.Waynes World 2
324.We were Soldiers
325.Wedding Crashers
326.What Women Want
327.Where the Heart is
328.White Noise
329.Witches of Eastwick
330.X-Men 1
331.X-Men 2
332.X-Men 3

HD-DVD - $6.50 EACH
1.The Matrix Trilogy - $10.00
2.The Frighteners
3.The Bourne Identity
4.Children of Men
5.Smokin Aces
6.Bourne Supremacy

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That is a serious collection of DVD's you have there. I think the prices are appropriate as long as all of the disc's and cover art/cases are in good condition.

You might want to think about adding combo prices, ie multiple dvd purchases and the buyer gets a discount.

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Originally Posted by Moltar
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That is a serious collection of DVD's you have there. I think the prices are appropriate as long as all of the disc's and cover art/cases are in good condition.

You might want to think about adding combo prices, ie multiple dvd purchases and the buyer gets a discount.

Thanks man. I have been amassing it for a few years now. I have no need for it anymore, so I am ready to get rid of it. I would offer a discount to buyers who buy more than one item.

I am going to go through the entire collection in the next few days and document the condition of each disc and box.
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