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Megahalem Question on Obsidian 800d

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I have an am3 board, is there a way to have the mega halem in the north south position..

i have -

bottom psu fan as intake
rear fan as exhaust

I was wondering because i was thinking of making my rear exhaust fan to an intake and have 3 fans up top as exhaust fans so it brings me to two intake fans and 3 exhaust or should I just keep it as is and have 3 exhaust and one intake fom the bottom?
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Bottom should be intake, top should be exhaust (hot air rises, cold are sinks)

Also, you should just west-east, that way you do not pull hot air from the graphics cards.

Try to balance the air flow too. If you have 4 fans, try to have 2 intake and 2 exhaust if possible, but if it is not, lean towards exhaust, because exhaust fans can always force are into the case.
i have one exhaust and one intake right now and once my shippin comes in adding 3 more fans that will be exhaust, so instead of having 4 exhaust i think ill make the rear an intake also so that will bring it to 2 intake(bottom and rear) and 3 exhaust up top
but then that means the east west position will be wacked out as on a push pull...cause everything will be getting pushed to the rear fan which is an intake?
The Megahalems can be oriented in an east-west or a north-south direction. Just remember that you need to buy an extra AM2 mounting kit to use on AMD boards.
you will need to get one of these.


then you can mount it whichever way you want.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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