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Mem Managment BSOD win7 with oc

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Hello there, well i have this issue. I used to have a pentium d (2,80Ghz stock) running at 3.16 with no freaking errors or lockups on win xp x86, today i decided to go for win 7 x64 and suddenly i get the Memmory managment BSOD, so i tried lowering the oc back to 2,80Ghz and no more BSODS
i'd like to have the 3Ghz + speed please advice.
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did you try bumping the cpu volts a little?

This sounds to me like the OC wasn't ABSOLUTELY stable so w7 is having a bit of an issue with it.

another issue might be your ram

please fill out your system specs in the user cp to aid us in helping you.

I don't know much about intel overclocking but I do know that northbridge voltage needed to be bumped on systems without an integraded memory controller so that may help too.

I would wait for the opinion of someone more experienced to confirm/deny what I know.
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