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Memory afecting HT and OC

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I just recently got another 2GB for my sig rig. I took out my original 2GB to test the new RAM. OC's fine but not as much as the original, but enough for me. My issue though is that when I toss in all 4GB, my HT freq drops from 1000 to around 400, and I can't OC worth a crap. Anyone have an answer for this?

With 4GB

with 2GB

with 3GB
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For one thing, I remember reading somewhere where 2 x 2 dual sticks of ram does affect the HT speed but I can't confirm that as I'm new to OC.

Second thing, you didn't mention anything about adjusting the HT multiplier, is it on auto or what is it set at? Because it could be that it's set on X1 or 200.
That helps a bit. Anyone else have a suggestion? When I'm feeling better I'll try it.
Typical the mem controller does not like running the 2 different channels at the same time, sometimes you can override it in bios by manually changing settings. Not all ram is created equal, but in most cases the mem controller can only handle so much.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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