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Memory compatibility?

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other than ddr2 is all memeory compatiable? like pc2700 to pc4000?

or what would i nedd fro a p4 3.4?
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I have the 2.4B oc'ed to 3.3. My memory is 1 stick of PC3200 Crucial, 1gig. I have another stick of 256MB PC3200. Why can't these work together? Whats more to look for in compatibility other than PCxxxx or DDRxxx

[extra] Tried PMing but it didnt work...this relates to Frostbites sig.

haha liked the sig...it gave me an idea. Why not make car rims in the shape of fans? Then when you drive if you have your rims set on suck lol, it will pull air into the brakes? Think about it...$1000000 idea!
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