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I am looking to pick up ddr2 2x2gb pc2 8500 ram for my sig system. I run my Q6600 at 3ghz with an fsb of 333mhz and a 9x multi. Is ddr2 2x2gb 1066 ram a good choice? If so, what model would you recommend with cost in mind? I have been looking at these two, but feel free to throw something else out there if it isn't overly expensive and would be a better choice.


I am not sure which of these is actually better since the timings are the same and I have heard doubts about the reaper heatsink design. Any help would be appreciated.
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If your height limited dont go the reaper. My personal preference is corsair e.g. Dominators or Mushkin Redlines ive heard alot of good things about.
These have served me well! I will recomend for sure. However, dominators are damn slick too. I love mushkin as well. The redline series are very spectacular. but my reapers have performed swimmingly!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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