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memory question

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ok just a quick question here. I know that when looking for memory, generally lower CAS latency means that the memory should be quicker. But what about the timings of the RAM.

For example, this RAM has CAS latency of 7 and timings of 7-7-7-20

but this RAM has CAS latency of 7 also but timings of 7-7-6-18.

does that mean the kit with the lower timings should also be faster or can someone please clarify what the timings mean on the memory and why they r sometimes differnt. Also what do the first 3 numbers mean in the timings compared to the last one? Thanks for the replies
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ok thanks for all the valuable information. REP'd. But i am still a little unsure of what the actual numbers mean. When looking at RAM timings, if the timings are lower than another set of timings, does that mean that a particular set of RAM would be faster/slower? Or are timings just not really considered that big of a deal like CAS latency is.
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