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i am getting lots of errors on memtest this cant be good? my cpu is @3.4ghz my G Skillz hz 800 are @ 475mhz 2.25v my MCH is @1.59v on a 4:5 ratio can any body help me plz.
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Drop them down to stock first then test them again.
i will try that now cheers
went back to stock and everything fine no errors. oced again but at stock timings and got 34 errors so far on 56% how many errors are you allowed none? what does it mean when you get errors your oc is crap or your memory is busted?
Maybe too much voltage for the MCH. Try the sock voltage for the MCH.
ok trying it now 1 min
try these ram timings my gskill error to unles i set these timings. The 5 is the one that really matters to my ram if i lower it to 4 i get errors if its 5 or above i dont.
RAM Size : 2048 MB
RAM Freq : 445.2 MHz
RAM Type : DDR2-SDRAM Dual Channel
RAM Ratio : 3:5
RAM Timings : 4-5-4-4
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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