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Memtest86 errors

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I have been running memtest86 v3.4 for 1 hour now and on test 8 I have 11 errors. 2 on the first DIMM and 9 on the second DIMM. Why is this? And what do I do?

I have 2 dimms of 2GB corsair dominator pc2-8500 ram running unlinked from the CPU at 1066MHz with timings at 5-5-5-15 and voltage set to Auto (these are the reccomened settings from corsair). My CPU is a Q6600 with a FSB of 1066. My motherboard is an EVGA 780i able to run this memory at the 1066 speed (so says EVGA tech support).
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try manually setting the RAM voltage to 2.1v, then do the test again
Well, if the memory has memory problems, the only thing you can do is to get new ones or RMA it if still under warranty. You can't do much to get the errors away. Unless it is caused by overclock. If they get it on stock, then you have to get a new one. And try more voltage.
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