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Metal Gear Solid 4

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will it be coming out on PC?? .. i already finished it for ps3.. damn that game is some serious ****.. nice graphics, nice gameplay, nice storyline, nice characters (even interactions and weapons
) .. i'll give it a 10/10.. just if it comes out on pc platform.. it'll be a bang
.. since gaming desktops beat ps3 in gaming anywhere, anytime..
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that would be lovely

i've been always wanting to play the mgs4, too bad i can't afford a ps3 nowadays
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well i dont mind if it comes out in blue-ray disc too since i have a blue-ray player/reader on my pc
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lucky you. i can't even afford a bluray drive.
I highly doubt it.

I believe there was only one or two MGS releases on PC, and they got little to no patch support after they were released.

And the last one was many years ago.
Highly unlikely. Since it was coded for the PS3, the cost of porting to PC probably would probably be too high vs the possible benefits. You'd see it on 360 before PC.

MGS3 never came on PC. MGS and MGS2 did, and they were poor and never patched.

You won't see it on PC just as you will never see it on 360.
sigh* damn thats sad =(.. pc is like the best gaming platform .. forever it will be ..
Short answer: No
It seems like if a great game comes out on the 360, it will be ported to the PC...

But if a great game comes out on the PS3, no port anywhere...
Not likely the only way MGS4 will ever hit the PC is through Emulation but that would be a while before we see something like that.
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