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Ok so i got a Free Metro 2033 Cd Key from a friend. i installed the game played it for 10 minutes about a month ago.
Game worked perfectly....then something happend and was getting the typical APPCRASH.

So i just gave up and forgot about the game for a few weeks.

Got a New 200GB SATA HDD last week, and last night i reinstalled Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

Installed the game and it worked great played in for a few hours and got pretty far.

Now i just saw the new Nvidia drivers pop up on my screen 314.07 Drivers so i installed them right away removing all older drivers in Safe Mode.

Well now sence i did that i right away booted up mettro 2033 to get my game on some more, well and behold the damn thing is crashing on start up....... its reallllyyy reallllly starting to bug the Hell out of me.

So heres the situation.
Installed windows 7x64
installed all drivers
game played great for a few days till i updated drivers then got the APPCRASH

Installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate on new HDD
Installed drivers Beta 313.96 i think they were?
played for 2 hours
New nvidia drivers popped up installed.
Now same thing crashing at start up again


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But im gonna try and go back to the 313.96 beta drivers and i'll see what happens, i wish they fixed this game.

And if that dont work, i guess im gonna have to reinstall windows 7 everytime i update drivers.

Which brings me to a good idea, im going to install windows 7 on my 80Gb SATA and dedicate it to Metro 2033.

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Welllll.....Installed windows 7 on my 80gb sata and downloaded the new 314 drivers and it works!!!!!!

so i just go into my bios and change the boot drive from my 80GB (metro 2033 only) to my 200GB HDD with my original windows on it.

Pretty crazy non sense i wish they patched or fixed the damn game.

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FIX --> 1. Find a HDD that your not using
2. Install your OS.
3. install all your drivers. (Video card, chipset, lan, audio...ETC
4. install Steam let it update, then login to your account.
5.install metro 2033.
6. play the game

>>>>> Do Not update Drivers or game will get an APPCRASH or usual start up crash.

All I have to do is go into BIOS and change my BOOT Priority between HDD's i have my Windows 7 with Metro 2033 on my Hitachi and my windows 7 x64 Ultimate on my Maxtor 200Gb my priority drive.

So if i want to play metro 2033 i change my 1st boot drive to to Hitachi. if i want my main windows install i change it to maxtor.

What a pain in the *** to play a game but if you really want to play it, it worked for me and it might even work for you.

I searched for a good 2 months for an answer to this crash and found nothing but this is the only way it would work
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