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My current PC is in an EVGA Hadron Air case, and I love how it looks and get great temperatures, but I want to upgrade a little and I really like the idea of a Micro ATX form factor (after the slow torture of building a PC in the EVGA case).

The only cases that I really like the look of (and there isn't exactly a huge selection) are the Corsair Air 240 and the Fractal Node 804. If anyone has any other suggestions though that would be great!

So if anyone has had any experience with these cases I'd be really interested to hear what you think of them.

The one other thing is I'd really like an optical drive, so has anyone found a way to mod the Corsair to fit a slim slot loading drive (or even a full size drive)? It seems like it would be really hard but I've seen some really imaginative things done to cases so I'm hopeful. Thanks!
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