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MicroSD Card DEAD?!? Help recover!!

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My 16GB Micro SD card has somehow stopped working right

Now normally I would just call up sandisk but I've got a lot of pictures on there that I want to keep that I took with my phone...

I plug it into my computer and nothing happens, the phone doesn't see it at all

HOWEVER, when I unplug the drive, for about half a second it shows up under MyComputer, but after I remove it

Is this thing dead? Can I rescue data, maybe even the hardware?
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I think I have 2 programs that can recover data from flash source but I'd have to be home to tell you they are.

how much was 16gb micro sd? that's an insane size...
If you can get it to show up, try pcinspector I've used it a couple of times on flash cards with sucess.
Also try photorec, that's one of the things it was designed for.
make this a lesson to back up. and i think u can get a software that recovers photos
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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