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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit!!!! Freebie

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Well i got an extra key from Technet and have no use for it unused unregistered unactivated. So yea ive decided to pass this onto you OCN members one lucky person will get an unused RETAIL windows 7 home premium key.

Note this is for the activation code only get the media your self


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Ends 12/10/09 (8:00PM PST)
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I would like it, I still haven't buy my copy of Win 7.
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In, Auld. Thanks for the generosity.
Noice. Haven't tried W7 yet. Drift0r is in.
SpcCdr is also grateful to the pwnage
Nice freebie. Could use the copy.
Shame on you guys, you have win7 ultimate? and want more. Shame-shame
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