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migrating win8 from hdd to ssd

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I'd like to transfer my current operating system (windows 8) from my HDD to my new ssd without having to install the os again. How can I do it? I would install it again, but i don't have the CD of the operating system because it was preinstalled when I bought it.
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i bet there are several ways for this.

i know one.. there were programs like norton ghost ( long ago ) to create images of complete harddisks if needed.
i´d recommend to make a image with which is self installing with the first disc.

you have to find out which programs are newer with this ability because i do not know anymore

hope this helps
Give this link a read.


You can do your own clean up and skip CCleaner if you'd like, and use windows defrag over the secondary one they suggest and you'll still be just fine.

Either way they give you two options on how to do it either with Clonezilla or EaseUS Partition Master. I used this as a general follow along when I ran Clonezilla to move to my SSD on my work machine. It'll get you copied over without much hassle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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