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It's not quite on the level of the unfinished ALU or Enterprise we saw in the news articles recently. But after two failed designs and a good couple of hours of work i got a small binary calculator working. It only adds and is quite large, but i had no prior experience in this type of design and only started using redstone yesterday.

I want to give serious thanks to ZHoob (pictured below.) Guy helped me debug there at the end and we got it hammered out in only 10 or 15 minutes after i finished building the design. Only debugging before that point was thought experimentation.

Calculator takes two inputs : two, double digit, binary, numbers. Expressed by manipulating the levers. The output are torches on the opposite end. The torches are 1 = on and 2 = off, of course.

The logic works by accepting two inputs at a time. The rightmost digits first. Taking those two digits we add as in traditional math. To do this first we split the inputs into two sets and sort them. From there we check one set to see if both inputs are on. If so we skip over and add one to the input of the carrying circuit. If not we take the output and branch it off, it is run through a NOT gate (reverses charge on the line) and into the input of another AND gate. The other input on this AND gate is connected to the two lines which are merged into a single line for this gate. If there is power on either it'll add one to the first digit of the number without question (since no carrying is possible.) On the carrying circuit we have basically the same addition circuit. One of the inputs being the result of the next digits to be added after going through my math circuit, and the other being our line carrying the signal. After going through the math circuit it adds numbers to the digits appropriately.

Picture and description exclude a bunch of components used to overcome limitations and rules on redstone (electricity) in the game.

Forgive any inaccuracies in my post.


Edit :

While I was typing this post...

Little bastard boxed me into my own building. Then mocked me with signs.

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