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I just bought this laptop: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/d...roduct=3860190

and it's supposed to have 320 GB HD but It only shows 298.1 GB. I'm already having trouble installing Windows 7 I keep getting the Missing BOOTMGR message but know I'm using KILLDISK and it only shows 298.1 GB. It is a refurbished laptop so maybe that's why. It came with Vista but when I tried to format and instal W7 I keep getting BSOD and BOOTMGR message. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated

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Perfectly normal. The advertised space is always higher than the actual usable space.
My 500GB shows up as 465GB.
My 640GB shows up as 596GB.

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It is not just in the way MB are counted. It is in the way every prefix is counted.

In base 10 they use 1,000. Example 1,000bytes is a Kilobyte, 1,000Kilobytes is a Megabytes, 1,000Megabytes is a Gigbyte?

Bianary counts 1,024 bytes as a Kilobyte, 1024KB is a MB, 1,024MB is a GB?

Using spaceballs 500GB which is base 10 reports 465GB base 2. Remember they both are the same number of bytes.


Same formula /10=500GB's.

Other problem sorry can't help.
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