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Missing Drive Space?

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I've basically got 2 600GB drives in a raid 0 setup.

Main partition for OS & Games is 200GB while the secondary partition is the remaining 1TB or so.

I have about 470GBs worth of data on the secondary but Windows is showing me as having about 24GB free on that partition...

What could be causing this incorrect reporting of drive usage?
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Download & run windirstat, see what's using all that space.

You do know that they don't make 600GB drives (I think you mean 640GB). Usable space is 596GB for those.
Yea, if you look at my system stats in my signature you'll see I have the 640GB AALS, I just put down 600GB as a rough estimate...

Anyway, I'll give that program a try, thanks for the quick response.
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