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Mixed reviews on sunbeam rheobus?

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In the forums I keep hearing great things about sunbeam fan controllers but at newegg there is a difference of opinion.




Are these rare accounts?

No one wants there computer to burn and I had a psu burn one of mine. I am new to the whole computer world, in fact I am trained as an actor, and have never bought a fan controller. Despite the bad newegg reviews I still think this is a great controller. Am I trusting in google's forum option to much?
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was this a dumb question?
Someone has to own one of these there are tons of people suggesting to others in need of a fan controller
I have one of these and like it very much. My only issue is that the blue LED is wayyy too bright for me. (lights up the whole room) I simply switched the polarity of the LED so the full power color is red. FYI, newegg reviews are pretty much worthless. That is a great conroller for the budget consious. (and, need to wait 24 hrs to bump a thread as per ToS)
I have one and its running fine with 3 fans on one channel and 2 fans on two more. The led's are bright though.
I think my friend has the 4 knob fan controller you linked to. He's had it a long time and it hasn't burst into flames. The only reason you need a fan controller is if you have really loud fans and you want to quiet them while not gaming. I personally use my Motherboard for fan control. All my other fans are quiet enough.
I've had one for over a year and no problems what so ever.
Owned and used a couple of these brutes, still have one and it is going strong.

LED brightness: Yea, kinda like a beacon but readily removed or replaced.

Originally Posted by dralb
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I simply switched the polarity of the LED so the full power color is red.

I want to know how to do this

OP: I have this fan controller and it works great.
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Originally Posted by jcichetti View Post

I want to know how to do this

OP: I have this fan controller and it works great.
the LED's have 3 pins. All you need to do is pull the LED out, bend the pins 90 degrees the other way an dput them back ni. I had a post on how to do it, but I can't find it for some reason.

hmmm, post is gone. These are the pics I have left, though:

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The Rheobus Extreme is much better than the Normal Rheobus. My normal one couldn't handle 3 san aces and 4 S-flex G's. It would cause clicking noises and the fans were not able to be supplied with 12v, even with the knob all the way up. Switched to the Extreme and the problem went away.
I have the one from the second link and it has been serving me well now for around 2 years. The thing I like on them is that they can take up to 32W per channel which is pretty much compared to the competitors.
My first Sunbeam Rheobus lasted a little over a year, but I was always mess'n with it and it finally died. I replaced it with a FC-3, then and FC-4 and finally back to the Sunbeam. For the price it can't be beat.

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Thanks for the input. It is too bad that it doe not show the rpms.
22K resistors, I knew that's what they had to be

I need to go grab a few of those, these LEDs are killers for trying to bench/run stability while you sleep.
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