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Hi guys, i have a dilema. I got 2x512mb trancend pc3200 DDR400 ram in my computer running dual channel, and i wanna get more ram but cant find trancend. I have tried to mix it with 2x256mb geil ram and that ran swiminglly, but that ram was faulty and my comp kept freezing. I then tried my friends 1 stick of 512mb geil along with my trancend and cos its only 1 stick it wasnt running dual channel, and this also worked. I noticed tho that when it didnt freeze, the dual channel 256mb addon worked abit faster than the single 512mb addon. Is this rightfully so and is this usually the case?<br><br>
Question: Would i be better off buying 2 x 256mb ram so it can run dual channel? or just buy the 1 stick of 512mb?<br><br>
Why/Why not?<br>
I only want to get another half gig of ram, thats my only condition.
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