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.Mkv? Help Conversion/Edit

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Okay, I want to make a music video/mash up...But all my shows are in "Unique" formats...One that i REALLY! wanna make is in MKV (Because it has subtitles and multi language) And all that...

What I'm basically ask for help with is a good converter/Good editing program...

Much wanted/needed...by wants...lol

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.MKV is a container(I think), so, just unpack it and extract the files, and then repack it in a .MKV format?
I dont understand

Originally Posted by GH0
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.MKV is a container(I think), so, just unpack it and extract the files, and then repack it in a .MKV format?

It's a free video format..

Is it a good editiong program for editing/stitching together the movie you're looking for? Or a converter to convert to/from the . mkv format?

As for good editing programs, Adobe Premier is great (but expensive to buy - but the best imo) - and you also have Pinnacle Studios, Ulead Videostudio and more..

I think you're still able to get a 30 demo at their site if you want to test it out.
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Well if you want to convert everything to the same extension (.mkv, .avi, .mpeg, etc) then I would use AutoMKV. Its free, simple to use, and will convert ANYTHING to ANYTHING. A word of advice though, if you encode to wmv make SURE the same program encodes it. AutoMKV sometimes switches from WM9 encoder to ffmpeg, which can cause problems even though they are the same file extension. Hope this helps.
I will try that one, But It says it converts to MKV files...But It seems cool...Ill post back results...(Im at school)
More exactly MKV is about a container (from where the name Matroska, in reference to the Russian headstocks) making it possible to contain video (DivX, Xvid, RV9, etc), sound (MP3, MP2, AC3, Ogg, AAC, SDR, PCM), as well as subtitles (SRT, ASS, SSA, USF, etc) in the same file.

Use a converter to convert your file to MKV format, but it will not contain the subtitle
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