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To anyone who forgot what GPP actually attempted to do:
-AIBs forced to use top cooling solutions with nv
-AIBs forced to use their gaming branding to only nv
-AIBs forced to rebrand non nvidia graphic cards look low end which might not sell
-AIBs are threatened to not get good allocation in a timely fashion if they don't follow those directions

What stopped it was that Nvidia put it in writing and the media flat out rebuked them to the point that investors got involved. Then they retracted it.

Problem is that Intel is no AMD. They will retaliate. And, at times can be much more nastier about it. Grab a seat and don't move your feet because this level of drama might be better then the climax of a scifi movie.

Why is this rumor happening?
Well, it's rumored that Intel is going to undercut their GPU skus to make it a much more attractive offer. And, since they aren't "as" affected buy global restrictions they can ship in volume. Furthermore, their top end offerings are rumored to be on par, if not better, then a 3070. And how Intel plans to market their products to coincide with their x670 motherboards and 12th Gen CPUs posses to be a serious threat.

We are entering into a PC era of true All In One Desktop PCs from Intel and AMD. Finally making cpu/motherboard/gpu bundles a real thing.

As with any rumor, take it with a pinch of salt.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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