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Taiwan getting crushed like a grape between China and the US is also a concerning possibility. Five of six of TSMCs current high-end fabs are on Taiwan and the sixth is on the Chinese mainland (and would probably be siezed in the event of open hostilities). They are building a major new one in AZ that should be operational by late 2023, but if TSMC Taiwanese fabs suffer significant interruption in production, they sure aren't going to be prioritizing video card ASICs.
This has weighed on my mind heavily the past several months and especially since China's been emboldened given events of the last several months.

It's easy to think of only PC parts like a graphics card or CPU, but so much of anything we use these days has a microprocessor, or some kind of computer behind it. Look beyond just TSMC and how much of this is in Taiwan and China and it is a frightening thing should that supply suddenly cease. It won't just be PC tech. Phones, vehicles, appliances, medical equipment. It's everything.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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