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[MN Blog] Mininova as we know it is gone.

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Mininova limits its activities to Content Distribution service
Published on November 26, 2009 in Mininova-related news. 93 Comments

Hi all,

Today is an important day in the history of Mininova. From now on, we are limiting Mininova.org to our Content Distribution service. By doing so, we comply with the ruling of the Court of Utrecht of last August.

Unfortunately the court ruling leaves us no other option than to take our platform offline, except for the Content Distribution service. According to the verdict (Dutch link) we have to prevent uploads of torrents to Mininova that refer to certain titles or to similar-looking titles. We’ve been testing some filtering systems the last couple of months, but we found that it’s neither technically nor operationally possible to implement a 100% working filter system. Therefore, we decided that the only option is to limit Mininova to Content Distribution torrents from now on. We are still considering an appeal at this moment.

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I liked Mininova. I'd be lying if I said I weren't sad to see it go.
Thats to bad

Originally Posted by usapatriot
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At least isohunt is still around.

When TPB tracker went down, people said "at least Mininova is still around". How long will it be?
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I am so sad.... Mininova was my #1 choice for torrents followed by TPB. I don't torrent that much as of the last couple years, but, this is still sad news. Mininova had what I couldn't find anywhere else pretty much.
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I use mininova all the time

Traffic is going to go from a about a million to a couple thousands.

two of my favorite torrent sites are down!!!! Demonoid and now mininova.....This sucks
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You still got IPT (possibly demonoid when it comes up).
this is very sad news indeed. i still use TPB as a search engine (of sorts) but i really need demonoid back up...
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eh.. there is always megaups it's a fairly good one , though I dunno why i'm saying that. I don't even use torrents lol.
it's not the technology that is harmful, it is how it is used.

ah well, can't say i'm surprised.
That was my main public site..

Still have all my other Private sites.
People need to realize illegal downloads over torrents are illegal, and will be outlawed sooner or later.
My shows and anime is going to take a major hit.
I started in the torrent universe downloading things from Mininova
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There's still IPT, movietorrents and of course TPB, as well as loads of other private sites. Mininova was quite good though, sad to see it go
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Mininova should just die instead of trying to go "legit", it won't be worth it. They have nothing but crap left.
Removing bookmark...Oh well ,on to the next.
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