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Mobile CPU Difference

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Yonah T2300E, 1.667GHz - $191.99, Newegg (free shipping)
Yonah T2300, 1.667GHz - $201.99, Newegg (free shipping)
Yonah T2400, 1.833GHz - $230.99, Newegg (free shipping)
Yonah T2500, 2.0GHz - $332.98, Tigerdirect (after shipping)
Yonah T2500, 2.0GHz - $317.60, DigitalHotBuy (after shipping)
Yonah T2600, 2.16GHz - $462.95, DigitalHoyBuy (after shipping)

I understand how the pricing is, for the T2300E, T2300, and T2400- about 30-40 dollars to upgrade .16GHz more to the T2400. But after that, another .16GHz is about 100 dollars more, then another .16GHz is about 130-150 dollars more. Is there a difference in speed? How does the 1.667 compare to the 1.833? Also, I read somewhere that the T2300E lacks VT, thus cheaper. What is VT and what does it do?

BTW, assembling a laptop, so it won't be overclocked.
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Well have you taken into account L2 cache may be different on these Cpu's ?

Originally Posted by ENTERPRISE1701 View Post
Well have you taken into account L2 cache may be different on these Cpu's ?
Well, according to intel, http://www.intel.com/products/proces...eduo/specs.htm
They're all 2MB
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Fair Point. Im not one for Mobile Cpu's However the only thing i could think of is if some are of the Conroe architecture...I know Yonah pretty much is.
nahh, all the t series use the same amount of power. get a u series, they use like 1/3 the amount of power.
according to intel at least...
they call it ultra low voltage... rated at 9watts versus standard 31watts. theres also low voltage (as opposed to ultra) which use 15watts.
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