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Mobilty Radeon X1900

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ATI is moving its whole high end marchitecture to R580 based products. It just announced desktop X1900 cards with XTX and XT variations, it is about to release All in Wonder Radeon X1900 cards. Last but not the least is ATI´s mobile part code named M59.

It was not hard to get this one as M58 was the codename for the still unannounced Mobility Radeon X1800. We have seen this chip more than once already but we don’t know about any design wins. You can expect that the M59 gets the Mobility Radeon X1900 name. It will be faster than any Nvidia laptop chip, at least until NVDA introduces its mobile variant of G71. This will sure take a while as G71 desktop is still an unannounced part.


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Wow, ATI certainly has gotten their act together, may not sell as many PCI-E cards as NVIDIA but they certainly still hold a lot of the AGP and mobile market. I thought my 9700 mobility was a good card, boy times have changed...
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