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Mobo does not recognize PATA HD

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OK, see what you make of this.

I am completeing the build listed in my specs below (except I am using only the 120GB PATA drive for now) and, as the title says, it won't see my hard drive.

I have a single DVD ROM connected to the blue IDE bus for optical drives, and I have the HD connected to the primary red IDE bus for Hard Drives.

The system posts, I can get into BIOS fine. I get a single beep which means hardware error, and, yes, it does not show my HD in the BIOS.

I checked my jumper on the HD, it is set to master or Single drive, and is on the master connector on the IDE cable.

If I plug it into the Blue IDE bus on the motherboard, it recognizes the HD.......but then the DVD ROM is not seen when it is connected on the primary red IDE (I saw on the ASUS forums that this board does not recognize optical drives on the red buses, so I expected that)

When I leave it like this, windows will boot, sort of, it states hardware has changed so I have to re-activate (no biggie) except once it boots, my mouse and keyboard go offline.

My final configuration will use a DVD/CD Burner, a DVD ROM, a 120GB PATA, a 300GB SATA, and a 19GB PATA (I'll be running Linux on this one) So I need to use all 3 buses.

I'm open for suggestions......
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No one has any ideas huh? LOL

I do have a knack for finding the weird stuff.

I got the system running (sort of), by connecting a single DVD ROM and a single HD on the blue IDE bus (which is listed in BIOS as 3rd IDE bus). I got Windows re-loaded and it is working.....but, again, I have 3 HD and 2 DVD drives in this system, so this isn't gonna work for me.

What I found was a setting in the BIOS labled "Recognize Speed", this was set to QUICK, which states that it may not recognize some drives in this setting. So, I changed it to standard, that was the only way to get the HD recognized on the blue bus with the ROM. I thought this may solve the trouble with all the buses, but no luck.

When I put the HD with a clean install of windows on the primary IDE bus, it starts to load windows, then I get a blue screen and the following errors.




0x00000000 (this one is listed twice)

Could it actually be the board? I have the HD LED jumper plugged in correctly but it's not working as well........


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I can't locate the CD right now, I figured I would just DL the minor drivers from the website (once I got the system completely ironed out) I've never had to install drivers for IDE Buses before.

I can't find any ITE drivers on the ASUS site, all they have under drivers for my board are Silicon ATA Raid drivers, ATA Raid drivers, a MAtrix Storage driver, audio drivers, and an Intel INF chipset driver......

guess I better find that cd huh?

Also, note, I connected the 120GB PATA drive to the primary IDE bus and did not connect the ROM drive, so the only drive connected was the HD.......it booted to the windows loading screen for 1/2 second, then faded out and blue screen with those 0x errors again.


ok, I DL'd all the drivers on the ASUS website for this board, when I wnet to install the INF driver, the overview stated this.


************************************************** **********
The Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility installs
Windows* INF files to the target system. These files outline
to the operating system how to configure the Intel(R) chipset
components in order to ensure that the following features
function properly:

- Core PCI and ISAPNP Services
- PCIe Support
- IDE/ATA33/ATA66/ATA100 Storage Support
- SATA Storage Support
- USB Support
- Identification of Intel(R) Chipset Components in
the Device Manager

So i thought this would solve it......but it didn't, same thing, windows loading screen flashes for a second, then blue screen flashes errors and it goes black.

I guess I can just partition the SATA drive (i really want to keep the OS seperate from my data) and then I can use the Bus that is working for my two optical drives........but that really is not how I want this system set up.

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Well, I guess I have it figured out, mostly. I finally gave up and contacted ASUS.

BTW, who says ASUS support sucks? This is the 3rd time in 2 years I have had to contact them for help.......I sent an email request for help at 5:15PM PST, and I just recieved a reply (1 hour 18 minutes later) from them....on a friday night.....

Anyway, THIS is what they said;


Those are on the ITE controller. You will have to load drivers with the F6 option to use them for installing an OS. You cannot boot to an ATAPI device on the controller but you can use ATAPI devices in Windows once the drivers are loaded. Please create the install floppy disk that is located on the drivers folder on your CD.

Now this is annoying. If I am reading this right, I will NEVER be able to have a PATA drive as my boot device on the Primary or Secondary buses (which begs the question, why are they primary and secondary in the BIOS?

On top of that, I didn't see that in the manual, and that seems important, since that would be something you would need to do on another computer (or, what I am going to have to do, install windows, make the floppy, then reformat the drive and clean install windows again to install these drivers at F6).

This does disappoint me in ASUS just a little. I think it would be VERY important to tell people that this board will NOT boot from these buses.....I mean, it's simply listed as 3 buses for 6 devices......especially since I heard that even with these drivers, the red buses won't see opticl drives.....

So, looks like I have to buy another hard drive......

:swearing: :turd: :turd:

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Originally Posted by Lando95

Hmm, isn't that what I told you to try??


Yes, yes it it......but in my defense, the driver SAYS you can load it after windows has installed (Which I'll test tomorrow, and then do another clean install and F6 if it doesn't), so I just wanted to check with them.

But you didn't mention that it won't use PATA's as boot drives, which is really the part that gets me.

Oh well, still a really great board,
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