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Mobo has 2 bad memory slots

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2 slots of the four don't work, when a stick of ram is inserted a long beep is heard, then continues again and again and again.

2 slots work but the computer moves very slowly, at times freezes and continues on.

I guess the mobo is done.

Is there anyway to check for damage to the mobo? Software wise?
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I'd borrow some memory and see where it works(if it does at all). Maybe it's the memory itself. Otherwise, I'd lean towards new mobo time, as I'm pretty sure that the mem controller is on the mobo. If it wasn't, I'd try swapping out the CPU as well.

To answer your original question, though... dunno any mobo tests.

Edit- Just wondering, what started this? was it stable? or did it do this when you upgraded somehow?
Mobo has been acting weird for a while now, my computer still slows down at times with 4 gigs of ddr2 800 and a q6600.

I'm running Vista 64 and the computer is really running crappy.

I tested all the ram, I have a total of 6 gigs, and the 1gig runs faster than the 4 gig kit.

All the ram works and the memtest came back good on all the sticks but I think the board just isn't stable anymore.
Sounds like it... but, I'm an AMD guy, so, maybe there's something I'm missing... (IE free bump to see if anyone else knows)
Well. the chip runs hot, computer runs slow, slots not working..... computer acting up.

Check out the temps, this is at stock.
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