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MOBO replacement

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So I decide I'm going to take this DFI board back to FRY's and get a replacement. I have a few options as to what to do:

1. I can return the board and keep the cash, go back to my EPOX board, and be happy (but honestly, I'm bored of the thing and want to try something else)

2. Give DFI a second chance and get another Ultra-D

3. Get the ASUS A8R-MVP. It goes for about the same price as the DFI. However I have no intention of ever running a dual card setup so technicaly it would be money wasted. Another thing that concerns me about this board is if it's good or not. Anandtech gave it great reviews, but recent user reviews on neweeg are not that flattering.

What do you guys recommend?
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reviews on newegg are not the best to go by, since people will give a product less "eggs" because UPS scratched the box, or delivered it 4 minutes later than expected.

that, and a lot of new egg users have no idea as to what they are talking about. so they blame a bad setup on a particular item. "OMG, my AGP video card won't work in the PCI-E16 slot on this board, what crap! don't waste your money on this board!"
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